Life on Brentford Dock 

 Photographs courtesy of Better Pictures and Instagram

Photograph competition win a bottle of Champagne
 Pop-up  gets chalking area
Brentford Dock in Bloom voting starts 12th August


Sad Loss to the Dock Community

We are sad to see Claire Harbour move from the Dock. She has been an active community servant and a long time member of the BDRA. We all wish her well.  Her leaving means we no longer have a choir leader. Can you help ?      More details


Dock Talent 

See our Rob Tasker, the lead vocalist of the mash up “Republic of Brentford”. Friday 17th August in the Northumberland Arms. More details


Win a Bottle of Champagne 

Think you can take photos? Then enter our Brentford Dock in Bloom Photo competition. Only Dock residents  may enter.  Need some guidance or advice? Better Pictures our resident photography group have offered to help.  More Details


Brentford Dock in Bloom Rush for Voting Forms 

My apologises for temporarily running out of forms in the security office.  This was due to unprecedented demand. Remember you have the alternatively to vote by email.  Please note the small pictures are to help identify the exhibit.  Please visit the displays to inform your vote.   More Details

Many thanks to those who funded this project by purchasing plants from our greenhouse.

Sunflower Competition Results

The winner was Mabel Turner whose flower reached the dizzy height of 201cm. A new Dock record. The standard was so high there were no bronze awards just gold and silver.  Well done our young gardeners !!!    Results in full


Pop-Up Activity Area

A community activity area is being developed on the roof of the marina.  It is for young and old to stay active. It will be open for the summer holidays. Enjoy!  More Details

Brentford Dock Friends 

We are a group like-minded people who believe in offering a free helping hand to support people in our ‘Dock’ community. We are just friends who live on the Dock. 

More details





The Dock

Cruising Club