Life on Brentford Dock 

 Photographs courtesy of Residents, Better Pictures and Instagram

Thursday Evening Talk: Diabetes 

Diabetes the “Silent Enemy” by Roz Hawtin Acute Care Nurse

In the Clubroom Thu, 18 April @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm £2.00 refreshments available

Brentford Dock in Bloom

This year there are two categories one for residents and one for community gardens such as the Greenhouse and the Children’s Garden. Join in and make the Dock Bloom again. More info


Regeneration of Brentford

Goodbye derelict buildings. More details


New Water Feature

Otho and Nero Courts now have a beautiful spherical mirrored water feature. It enhances the rose garden, a  great area of peace and tranquility.


Greenhouse Plants from 50p 

 Our plants are now growing fast. We have pansies, polyanthus, aloe vera, coleus, cacti ,basil, tomato plants, sparaxis, lavender, lobelia, petunias, french marigolds, trailing carnations, schizanthus, chilli plants and geraniums.  Plus you can purchase the plants from our garden. More details


Children’s Sunflower Competition

Great fun to grow these huge flowers. Last year’s winner 201 cm.  More details

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Got an Idea

 If you wish to start a new activity. Our contacts page is your first port of call.

Brentford Dock Friends 

We offer a free helping hand to support people in our ‘Dock’ community. More details


Newsletters Online

Community newsletter hot off the press.   More…





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