Life on Brentford Dock

Scrabble  Tues 4th of February at 10:00 am.


Burns Supper



Excellent food and a wee dram!  The Selkirk Grace read as it should be by our resident Scot Christina (Ste).  Well done BDET another hit which I am sure will now be an annual event.  “Bye for noo See ye efter”
Thanks to all who attended £300 was raised for our charity REACT. 

What’s on the Dock 2020 



The Dock is renowned for its community. See what is going on visit our “Whats On” and “Dock Events”  pages on the Dock

Review of the Dock 2019


A fantastic year on the Dock. The new Brentford Dock Events Team has helped organise some great new events many of which are recorded in our Dock Photo Album and Review of 2019





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