Life on Brentford Dock

 “Viewing the Thames”  Better Pictures

………  Curie Coffee Morning 18th Nov  10:30 am. Coffee and Cake £2.00 ……. 

Bargains Grabbed on the Dock



Table Top Sale Huge Success

Bargains galore were grabbed at the first table top sale on the Dock.  The community room was really humming.  Many of the profits went to charities supported by the Dock. A great festive win-win.


Balcony Rail Planters  



Time to prepare your planters for Autumn and Winter colour. We have a great selection of plants to brighten up your walkways and balconies. We also have a selection of balcony rail planters. Many plants only 50p. More details

Site Security Upgrade



Life on Brentford Dock have enhanced the safety of its site.  This a belt and braces change giving a level of protection used by sites that do financial transactions. You do not need to do anything. Try the new site.

Painting the Greenhouse Staging 



The greenhouse staging is getting its first coat of paint, forget-me-not blue. Many thanks to Abhi, Anna, Anna, Ged, Elisabeth, Roger, Pete and Ste.  If you wish to join our endeavour email

New Email Address 


We have a new email address for our website You can still use if you wish.  





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