Life on Brentford Dock

(now Sponsored by the Greenhouse Group)

Piping hot fish and chips is back!.  We have by popular request moved the fortnightly delivery to Fridays. First delivery 19th March. Orders by Wednesday. More

The future of our facilities built over many years by our fantastic community should, be decided by the residents. We have a democratically elected board as well as vibrant and generous outward looking community. We are not a public park.


The greenhouse will reopen 11:30 Sun 21st March. We will have over 800 plants growing for our big opening sale in later April. We have plenty of pots, some house plants and lavender. Brentford Dock in Bloom is back this year with four sections.  More


You can help fight COVID-19 by aiding the vital research into the efficacy of the many vaccines. 
Join the growing 4,569,911 members of the public supporting the NHS and scientists in the UK. Together we can get out of lockdown safely and beat the disease. More


BDL Chair dispels some of the ‘myths’ about rights of way published on local social media including, LBH.
1 letter sent to residents from BDL
2 Further advice to residents from BDL Chair

Ann’s Community Soup has been a great example of how to adapt to the new reality. It has delivered 100’s of meals to the door. The profit from this monthly event has also generated £ 970 for the charity “Our Barn”.  A big thanks to all involved.  More

DAT is out of Hibernation


We have a new variant of the virus and are again in lockdown, Some residents will be back in shielding. The small amount of support DAT is doing at present is going to increase. If you need help email   or ring 07981 881344  More details





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