Life on Brentford Dock

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Last years winner of Brentford Dock in Bloom

6 Augustus

The winner of Brentford Dock in Bloom 2021  is

6 Augustus Close.

Big thanks to all who entered and voted.  It is great to see the Dock blooming yet again. More details


ScrHounslow swim club

Swimming!  The only sport which can save your child’s life. We know there are literally hundreds of adults and children wanting to learn this important life skill. Fancy Diving in? Link to website,   Click on “join in”
Trevor Miller is a resident and chair of LBHSC

Ann’s Community Soup has been a great example of how to adapt to the new reality. It has delivered 100’s of meals to the door. The profit from this monthly event has also generated £ 970 for the charity “Our Barn”.  A big thanks to all involved.  More


Our greenhouse is now open every Sunday for plant sales from 11:30 am to 1 pm. We have over a 1000 plants  for sale, proceeds support many activities on the Dock.   More details


Life on Brentford Dock WhatsApp Group.

We now have over 70 members it is proving to be a boon for those new to the Dock. The offers of help from residents highlights what a great community we have.  The Link to join is on our contacts page.





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