Brentford Dock Events Team

Brentford Dock Events Team

Who we are:

Brentford Dock Events Team are volunteers based on Brentford Dock, who aim to help residents arrange Community events, that are for the benefit and enjoyment of all residents on the Dock and their friends.

We can help:
 By promoting your event on our website, events diary and noticeboards.
 Help with volunteers for your events
 Give advice on the staging of events and use of facilities

Most events are held in the Residents Clubroom
1 Augustus Close, Brentford Middx TW8 8QU

Contact Us:

Why have we formed the Events Team?

It has been decided to transform the more formal committee of Brentford Dock Residents Association for a more relaxed approach, to this end, the Brentford Dock Events Team has been formed.

The many events on the Dock will still run and be supported by our volunteers.   The monthly diary will still be received by all residents.

The Team will no longer have any formal roles but will conduct open meetings at six monthly intervals to allow residents and the team to meet and discuss not only how we can improve the
current events but new events.  Accounts will be published annually in the public domain.

It is hoped that residents will come forward not only with suggestions but also with offers to run either a one-off event or a regular event that will be for be for the benefit and enjoyment for all residents.  The Support Team will be there to help if needed.