Community Lunch

Community Brunches and  Lunches


Classic brunch a great late morning event.  Bring a friend or chat with other residents on the Dock. Only £3.00 all food freshly prepared and cooked to your preference.


Great  homemade Soup, Bread, Cake and Drink. This is a great way to meet friends and enjoy some delicious food. Anne Howes’ soups are different every month made from fresh vegetables. Through Anne Howe Community Lunches are supporting “Our Barn”

Our Barn

Our Barn is intended as a ‘bridge’ between formal education and adult life for young people with learning difficulties or other disability. It is a meeting place for 16 to 25-year-olds to share their experiences and to grow and develop in a setting that is less formal than school but still provides structure and support.  We run activities that are fun and focus on our members’ interests to help them develop and grow as individuals and in a group. The young people may undergo accredited training for employment or work to enhance life skills.