Community food

Community Food

Brunches and Lunches

Unfortunate canceled due to the Pandemic

Ann’s Community Soup

This will be delivered to flats on the 4th Thursday of the month. A donation of £5 secures a bowl of homemade soup,  a freshly baked bread roll, and cake.  Ring Ann 07740 940599 or Leigh 07788577023

Fish and Chips

Delicious fish and chips from Mario’s in Isleworth. Delivered to your door every other Friday lunchtime.  Deliveries 19th March and 2nd April etc .  We will collect the money on Wednesday and Thursdays.  Our delivery on Friday at about 12:15 is fast so they arrive hot! To order ring or text Ade 07981 881344 on Wednesday. 

Our Food services support two charities. The local foodbank and Our Barn

Our Barn is intended as a ‘bridge’ between formal education and adult life for young people with learning difficulties or other disability. It is a meeting place for 16 to 25-year-olds to share their experiences and to grow and develop in a setting that is less formal than school but still provides structure and support.  We run activities that are fun and focus on our members’ interests to help them develop and grow as individuals and in a group. The young people may undergo accredited training for employment or work to enhance life skills.