Greenhouse Group

Community Greenhouse

Our community greenhouse is open Sundays 11:30 am to 1 pm.   This is fast becoming a social event for those with green fingers,   If you cannot make this slot we will arrange a time for you to purchase. Ring Ade 07981 881344.

Brentford Dock in Bloom.


This years competition will have four sections.

1 Gardens and patios
2 Balconies viewed from the outside the blocks
3 Walkways
4 Community gardens


As in previous years, your exhibits will be judged by residents votes.  The  voting is the 4th to 10th July  and can be done online or from forms available from the security office.

We would love you to join in please enter the event by ringing Ade 07981 881344 or email



Brentford Dock Greenhouse Plants

The community greenhouse is now open for plant sales every Sunday 11:30 to 1 pm.   Small Plants are 50p each or 5 for £2. Pots and large plants P.O.A. We have a Provisional Catalogue which gives you a taster of what is available. However, we have a wide variety of plants so please come and chat.


Greenhouse Bug Chalet

The “chalet” is still under construction feel free to add sticks and items to help our construction. The Ground floor will be converted into hedgehog accommodation.

Water Saving Irrigation.

Thanks to the massive community support we have been able to install an irrigation system that will run some nights.  This saves water, time and effort.

Greenhouse Renovation with help from our Friends