Greenhouse Group

Community Greenhouse

Brentford Dock in Bloom 2021.

Congratulations to Lisa of 6 Augustus Close winning “Best in Show” with 27 votes. The result for the groups are:

First 6 Augustus Close
Second 25 Galba Court
Third 13 Otho Court


First 78 Otho Court
Second 25 Maurice Court, 53 Otho Court, 17 Romulus Court and 51 Romulus Court
Third 87 Otho Court


Community Gardens
The community gardeners do not wish to be part of the residents competition. (Yes the Children’s Garden quite rightly won again, it is a great pleasure watching the youngsters play in such a lovely area).

Total votes cast 171
This is a new record thanks you to all who participated and helped to enhance the Dock’s environment.


Balcony Competition.

Thank you to Marion for entering the beautiful photos of her balcony. I think we should have a separate photographic competition for this section as balconies can only be seen in their full glory from the inside.

Brentford Dock Greenhouse Plants

The community greenhouse is now open for plant sales every Sunday 11:30 to 1 pm.   Small Plants are 50p each or 5 for £2. Pots and large plants P.O.A. We have a Provisional Catalogue which gives you a taster of what is available. However, we have a wide variety of plants so please come and chat.


Greenhouse Bug Chalet

The “chalet” is still under construction feel free to add sticks and items to help our construction. The Ground floor will be converted into hedgehog accommodation.

Water Saving Irrigation.

Thanks to the massive community support we have been able to install an irrigation system that will run some nights.  This saves water, time and effort.

Greenhouse Renovation with help from our Friends