Dock News

Dock News

Dock Parents Group

This parenting group will enable self-help and instigate youngsters activities.  They will get full support from those who have no parenting responsibilities, many have already volunteered. However, parents are essential to all activities as they have a duty of care.  Parents, and their youngsters, will be having a meeting in the Clubroom Saturday 2nd October from 2 pm till 3 pm. If you are a parent and cannot make it you can still join our growing active “Parents WhatsApp Group”. It is envisaged that the WhatsApp group will be the main driver for activity as parents have busy lives. 

Click here to join the group


Afghan Refugees Appeal

The much-needed items for Afghan refugees generously donated by residents have now been delivered to the Afghan support network.  Many thanks were expressed for the quality donations.  The Dock Community delivers again, brilliant!

Fish and Chips is Back!


First delivery Tuesday 5th October at 12:15, then every fortnight.  Please order the day before.  The cost is still £5, Mario’s piping hot fish and chips, what is there not to love?  More details ring Ade 07981 881344.

Dock Reopens

At last, we have the Clubroom available. So great news Brentford Dock Events Team are back!